Coop Invest

Get investment from a leading retailer in Denmark

Get investment from a leading retailer in Denmark

Do you think that one of Denmark's leading consumer goods retailer could be a good investor for your startup?

Good, let's make it happen.

Coop Invest is the investment arm of the Coop Group (Coop Denmark, Coop amba, Coop Bank) and is looking for high potential startups in technology, digital and disruptive food, and non-food retail applications to invest capital and time into.

More specifically Coop Invest is looking for early-stage Nordic startups, who have proven the need on the market, have a complete founder team, and have a solution that not only connects to Coops values but will create a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties. Their goal is to support startups who could not only imagine Coop as a valuable investor and partner but can also use their solutions to drive value to their daily operations.

What separates Coop Invest from other investors you're considering?
Coop Invest is in a unique position to create synergies between your startup and other parts of the Coop ecosystem (marketing, retail, distribution, logistics). By being a part of their portfolio you'll gain access to their immense network of experienced people who are willing and able to fast-track your company for success.

What's in it for me?

  • Value co-creation by utilizing the knowledge and network of Coop and their +2M members to further develop your solution
  • Accessing the Coop digital ecosystem and ability to utilize their 500.000k unique weekly app users
  • Get seed funding and Coop as a long-term strategic investor
  • Leverage the comprehensive investment commitee of experienced entrepreneurs incl. members such as Stine Bosse, Tine Thygesen, Lasse Bolander
  • Support and sparring from the Accelerace team in the matchmaking process

Open opportunities

No open opportunites at the moment

Track Record

Not only is Coop known for being one of the most popular retail chains in Denmark with their 40% market share, but they have a long track record of supporting early startups with their crowdfunding environment.

Coop Invest is an A/S, which is owned 100% by Coop Amba and thus by all Coop members. The excess capital that is not to be used immediately in the group's operating companies (Coop Danmark, Coop amba, and Coop Bank) is forwarded to Coop Invest.

Take a look at Coop Invest portfolio on their website

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