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Pilot with Tetra Pak Processing Solutions and Equipment

At Tetra Pak Processing Solutions & Equipment (PSE), we innovate to enable a sustainable food system for the growing population with minimal impact to the planet. We provide advanced food manufacturing solutions that complete Tetra Pak’s end-to-end offering to the food and beverage industry, fulfilling our commitment to “make food safe and available, everywhere”. Our food processing equipment covers applications such as dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages, powder and prepared food, serving over 5000 customers worldwide including Nestlé and Coca-Cola. By leveraging our food application expertise and working with customers and leading external partners, we are creating the food industry of tomorrow with future-proof technologies.

Beginning life a startup ourselves, we are always looking to innovate and disrupt the status quo. Looking towards 2030 we have ambitious targets related to sustainability, food safety, and health. We understand that we cannot do this journey alone, and that partnering with startups is key. Embracing open innovation, we at Tetra Pak are running win-win pilot projects with startups. By piloting with us you could benefit from:

  • Trialing your solution with our core technologies
  • Accessing our worldwide network of customers and suppliers
  • The ability to test at our Product Development Centers using the cutting-edge processing and filling equipment
  • Co-development with our engineers, food technicians, microbiologists, software developers, and project managers

What are we looking for?

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What we want you to go through

Track Record

In less than two years, Tetra Pak Processing held explorations with 12 startups, 6 of which ran multiple pilots. Participating startups have benefited in several ways including:

  • Co-development and trialing of products
  • Scaling processes from lab to industrial scale
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Accessing Tetra Pak's supplier network
  • Trialing with Tetra Pak’s data and customer insight
Moreover, a long-term agreement has been made with one of the startups, enabling further product development at Tetra Pak’s Product Development Centers. At the moment, we are in conversation with 4 more startups regarding long-term partnerships.

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