Washbox - Venture Client

Partner with Washbox and scale together

Partner with Washbox and scale together

Partner with a fast-growing and sustainable Scandinavia carwash producer!

Washbox provides sustainable, plug-and-play carwash units that are both modular and moveable. They are fast-growing and seeking technologies that can further enhance the sustainability of their units and partners that can scale with them — fast.

Primarily they are looking for technologies to enhance water reuse and salt removal, off-grid power solutions, and sustainable production of the units.

Application deadline: November 16

What's in it for me?

Washbox exists to develop and deliver a “green” and sustainable concept solution for carwash, from creation to end-user, which leaves a minimal (as technologically possible) environmental impact. This is an opportunity to consider for three reasons:

  • Commercial partnership: Washbox is looking for technologies and services they can purchase
  • Proof of concept: ability to prove your concept in a live setting and demonstrate traction
  • Scale together: Washbox is closing offers fast and they need a partner to scale with them internationally

The Process

  • Apply by pressing "Apply now" at the section below

  • The team at Accelerace and Washbox will look through your application
  • A scout from Accelerace may call you for some more info
  • If Washbox are interested they will invite you for a meeting in December, where you can pitch and discuss with them
  • Support and sparring from the Accelerace team in the matchmaking process
  • From there you decide if you will work together or not

Open opportunities

No open opportunites at the moment

Track Record

Washbox is a fast-growing SME, sprung out of the construction company IPart. The team has experience collaborating with both early-stage technology and more established firms, and as a young ambitious company themselves, they are keen to work with you to deliver results fast, with minimal bureaucratic hurdles.

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